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Midtown-Georgia Tech Sewer Evaluation and Rehabilitation Project

Project Overview

The purpose of the Midtown-Georgia Tech Sewer Rehabilitation Project is to investigate the need for rehabilitation of the sewers in conjunction with the replacement of water mains in the following communitities: Midtown, Bedford-Pine, Peachtree Corridor, Home Park, Georgia Tech and Techwood.   Where necessary, the rehabilitation of the sewer mains must be implemented in advance of the water main replacement, particularly if any of the sewer mains require excavation.  As a component of the water main replacement project, and following the construction work, the Department of Watershed Management will resurface the streets to Georgia Department of Transportation Standards.

Project Description

The Midtown-Georgia Tech Project will consist of the Sewer System Evaluation Survey (SSES) process, a thorough inventory and evaluation of approximately 78 miles of sewer, to be followed by sewer rehabilitation projects as determined by the evaluation of the SSES data.

SSES and Small Diameter Survey Improvement (SDSI) are required in the entire Midtown-Georgia Tech area based on a boundary established by the water main replacement project.  Work will proceed from east to west.  The Midtown-Georgia Tech project and the Virginia-Highland project have a contiguous boundary along Monroe Drive.  So, the logical sequence would be to continue the work from the Virginia-Highland project and proceed west.

The project has been divided into four phases:

  • Phase 1 includes the Midtown and Bedford-Pine communities
  • Phase 2 includes the Peachtree Corridor community and a small section of the Central Business District and Ansley Forest community
  • Phase 3 includes the Home Park and Atlantic Station communities
  • Phase 4 includes the Georgia Tech campus and Techwood community

Project Benefits

The Midtown-Georgia Tech Project is mandated by the Consent Decree to reduce the number of sanitary sewer overflows.  The program provides for the upsizing of sewer pipes and the reduction of inflow and infiltration, both of which will result in an increase of sewer capacity.  The program is designed to extend the structural life of the sewer by 50 years and provide capacity for a full build-out of the area based on current zoning regulations.

Project Location

This can be roughly described as going from Monroe Drive to Northside Drive and from Freedom Parkway to 16th Street, including the following communities: Midtown, Bedford Pine, Peachtree Corridor, Ansley Forest, Home Park, Atlantic Station, Georgia Tech and Techwood.

Project Impacts

Community impacts associated with the project include partial/temporary road closures, excavation, dust and noise.

Important Dates

Notice to Proceed: September 27, 2006

Scheduled Completion Date: June 1, 2009

Estimated Project Cost:

$33.7 million

Project Team

Program Manager: Stanley Turner - 404.979.6999

Project Manager: Tom Jones - 404.979.6999

Public Information Manager: Diane Badger - 404.979.6999

Contractors: Southease Pipe Survey & Reynolds Inliner


If you have any questions regarding this project, please contact the Project Helpline at (404) 529-9211.

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