Location Wells Drive, southwest Atlanta
Creek Basin South Utoy Creek
Approximate Total Acres 0.2 acres
Approx. Greenway Acres 0.2 acres
Approx. Stream Frontage Protected 66 linear feet
Date Acquired March 2004

Steverson Property
he Steverson property is located in a residential area on Ivydale Drive, adjacent to Georgia Highway 166 in Southwest Atlanta. During heavy rains, harmful pollutants from highways and other impervious surfaces rush into nearby rivers and streams. Fortunately, the Steverson property consists of dense vegetation, including mature hardwoods, bamboo, ferns, and an ivy-laden groundcover. The vegetation acts as a buffer between the impervious surfaces and the streams, and helps to filter the pollutants while slowing the flow of water to South Utoy Creek. The addition of the Steverson property to other nearby property acquisitions by the City of Atlanta improves connectivity and water quality between protected properties along South Utoy Creek.


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