Location Bromack Drive, south Atlanta
Creek Basin South River
Approximate Total Acres 0.22 acres
Approx. Greenway Acres 0.22 acres
Approx. Stream Frontage Protected 83 linear feet
Date Acquired August 2003

Robinson Property
haracterized by lush overhanging vegetation and woody debris, this broad segment of the South River is protected by 83 feet of stream buffer under the Greenway Acquisition Project. The shade from the greenway provides cooler temperatures, protection from predators, potential breeding grounds, and an inviting habitat for fish and wildlife species that would otherwise avoid the open and unshaded areas of the river. As a result, the river system is healthier, diverse with species, and aesthetically pleasing. The Robinson property is located entirely within the 100-year floodplain in a residential area on Bromack Drive, northwest of the Browns Mill Golf Course, in south Atlanta.


If you are interested in participating in the Greenway Acquisition Project, you can email us at greenways@usinfrastructure.com, or contact us directly.