Ridgemore Road, City of Atlanta

Creek Basin Peachtree Creek
Approximate Total Acres

0.54 acres

Approx. Greenway Acres 0.54 acres
Approx. Stream Frontage Protected 153 linear feet
Date Acquired January 2005

Mottley Property
his Priority-1 acquired Greenway Property is located on Peachtree Creek in a densely developed residential area in northwest Atlanta, near several other properties protected by the Greenway Acquisition Project. The Peachtree Creek watershed contains a large amount of impervious surfaces. The storm water run-off from all these roads, driveways, and structures contains pollutants and sediment. This storm water run-off and pollution is then carried into surrounding streams. However since a connected vegetated corridor has been purchased by the City along large portions of Peachtree Creek, less pollution will be entering Peachtree Creek during rain events. This is because the vegetated corridor filters out the pollution and sediment before it can enter the creek. Since so many property owners along Peachtree Creek have chosen to sell a conservation easement, the neighborhood has successfully helped to improve the water quality of Peachtree Creek and ultimately the Chattahoochee River.


If you are interested in participating in the Greenway Acquisition Project, you can email us at greenways@usinfrastructure.com, or contact us directly.