Location Bromack Drive near Browns Mill Golf Course, City of Atlanta
Creek Basin South River
Approximate Total Acres 57.0 acres
Approx. Greenway Acres 26.0 acres
Approx. Stream Frontage Protected 2,740 linear feet
Date Acquired April 2002

Swann Preserve
his Priority-1 status property was especially attractive for acquisition because it is located adjacent to another Greenway Property on Swallow Circle (the Swann Preserve boundary is a shared boundary with the southern boundary of the Swallow Circle property). Named the "Swann Preserve" in honor of the original owner, the acquisition and consequent preservation of this property was strongly supported by the surrounding community. According to residents in the area, the Swann Preserve is one of the largest remaining mature forests in southeast Atlanta. Prior to acquisition, a large amount of dumping of household waste and debris had occurred on this property. In an effort to improve conditions, the City arranged and participated in an all-day community-based clean-up, and installed ballards at the major access point to the property to discourage vehicle access to the interior.

The acquisition of the Swann Preserve was unique in that multiple City of Atlanta funding sources were used to purchase the property (Greenway Acquisition Project funds, Georgia Greenspace Program monies, and City grant awards). The property was purchased for a total price of $200,000 (an amount less than the appraised fair market value of $230,000), however, only $92,097.62 of Greenway Acquisition Project funds were used.


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