Ridgemore Road, City of Atlanta

Creek Basin Peachtree Creek
Approximate Total Acres

0.29 acres

Approx. Greenway Acres 0.29 acres
Approx. Stream Frontage Protected 65 linear feet
Date Acquired December 2004

Auten Property
his Priority-1 acquired Greenway Property is located in a residential area on Ridgemore Road in northwest Atlanta, near several other properties protected by the Greenway Acquisition Project. The City has been very successful in acquiring properties along Peachtree Creek. Multiple parcel acquisitions along a stream segment result in a connected greenway corridor. From a watershed perspective, a connected corridor of greenspace creates an ideal habitat for plants and animals, and enhances the water quality of Peachtree Creek, as well as the Chattahoochee River, which is downstream. Therefore, when multiple adjacent property owners in a neighborhood participate in preserving a portion of their streamside property for greenspace, the entire Atlanta region benefits.


If you are interested in participating in the Greenway Acquisition Project, you can email us at greenways@usinfrastructure.com, or contact us directly.