Location Adams Drive, southwest Atlanta
Creek Basin South Utoy Creek
Approximate Total Acres 1.99 acres
Approx. Greenway Acres 1.99 acres
Approx. Stream Frontage Protected 225 linear feet
Date Acquired May 2004

Angala Property
ocated entirely within the floodplain of South Utoy Creek, the Angala property is an ideal greenway acquisition for the City of Atlanta. A tributary to South Utoy Creek forms the western border of the undeveloped parcel, thereby providing permanent protection to a water source before it reaches South Utoy Creek. Neighboring property owners along Adams Drive are also participating in the project, which yields the benefits of connectivity and a stable habitat for aquatic species in this segment of South Utoy Creek.


If you are interested in participating in the Greenway Acquisition Project, you can email us at greenways@usinfrastructure.com, or contact us directly.