Project Team

City of Atlanta Greenway Acquisition Project Responsibilities

In 1999, USI was contracted by the City of Atlanta to prepare the City of Atlanta Greenway Acquisition Plan. Development of the City of Atlanta Greenway Acquisition Plan involved collecting, assessing, and mapping data, preparing the Greenway Acquisition Plan, and facilitating public participation throughout the planning process.

Following plan development, the City of Atlanta retained USI to implement the Greenway Acquisition Plan. Implementation activities involve the acquisition of selected stream-corridor lands; performing Phase I environmental site assessments; implementing restoration projects; inspecting greenway properties; collecting data to determine the environmental and public health benefits resulting from the establishment of a greenway; hosting citizen advisory committee meetings; and advertising the Greenway Acquisition Project through website and brochure development.

The City of Atlanta Greenway Acquisition Plan is currently being implemented by USI and will continue through March, 2007.


If you are interested in participating in the Greenway Acquisition Project, please contact us directly.