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Drinking Water

The City entered into a Drinking Water Consent Decree agreement with the Georgia Environmental Protection Division (EPD) in December 1997. The decree alleges that the City’s drinking water facilities violated certain provisions of the Safe Drinking Water Act. Specifically, EPD inspections revealed that the City did not comply with these requirements:

  • Continuous recording of disinfectant residual from treatment operations
  • Retention of certain water system records, including nitrate and fluoride monitoring results
  • Complete monitoring of corrosion control measures
  • 24-hour staffing by certified personnel
  • Permitting of all outfalls
  • Complete and accurate completion of records and reporting forms

In addition, there were incidents of discharges from the City’s facilities that did not comply with permits.

The Bureau of Water had already undertaken some corrective measures at the time the Consent Decree was executed. The Decree lays out additional steps the Bureau must take to remain in compliance, including increased staffing, sample collection and more stringent reporting. The proposed capital improvement plan will enable the Bureau of Water to permanently eliminate all unpermitted discharges other than storm water from its treatment plants.

Bureau of Drinking Water
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Bureau of Water 2003 Capital Improvement Projects
Consent Order & Regulatory $54 M
Reliability and Operational $42 M
Atlanta/Fulton Co. WTP Phase 2.5 $35 M
Total 2003 Capital Projects $131 M
Total Long-Term CIP (through 2014) $700+M

For further information, contact Chris New @ 404-330-6081.

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