The Goal Of Clean Water Atlanta

Clean Water Atlanta is the City of Atlanta's comprehensive and long-term plan to ensure clean water in our great city for the next generation. The goal of Clean Water Atlanta is to create the cleanest urban streams and rivers in the country within a decade.

Clean Water Atlanta is a comprehensive, multi-program initiative to improve water quality in Atlanta through capital construction programs and enhanced operation of the City's drinking and wastewater systems. The City adopted an aggressive 10 year capital improvement program in 1993, spending more that 1 billion on wastewater and sewer improvements to the drinking water system.

Clean Water Atlanta expands this program to include all projects required to comply with two federal consent decrees and a state consent order, improve water quality throughout metro atlanta, secure drinking water facilities in accordance with national homeland security guidelines and provide holistic management of the City's resource operation.

Through the programs associated with Clean Water Atlanta, the City of Atlanta will establish, operate and maintain state-of-the-art water resource and infrastructure systems. Clean Water Atlanta will also enable the City to meet water quality requirements in the near and distant future.

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