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Under the comprehensive Capacity Certification Program the City of Atlanta determines whether it has adequate wastewater treatment and sewer system capacity before authorizing new flow and sewer service connections requested by the building permit application. The Capacity Certification Program enhances the building permit application approval process by ensuring that the City of Atlanta has adequate capacity at its water reclamation centers, pump stations, force mains, and gravity sewers to adequately manage the introduction of new flows. These enhancements have served to help ensure that the addition of new flows into the City’s sewer system does not threaten public health or impair water quality due to inadequate capacity.

If the City of Atlanta determines that adequate capacity is not available to handle the proposed new sewage flow, it may authorize the new sewage flow provided there are sewer system improvements that will offset the new sewage flow. These improvements may include but are not limited to construction of relief sewers, permanent plugging of an existing sewer service, or the rehabilitation of the sewer system to reduce infiltration and inflow. The City of Atlanta will exercise good engineering judgment based on the best available information in making determinations and issuing appropriate certifications of adequate capacity.

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