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The City of Atlanta's Water Main Replacement Program is designed to replace and rehabilitate aged and deteriorating water mains throughout the city. Many of the pipes in the system were installed in the early 1900s and are small in comparison to modern standards in water mains. The small size and age of the pipes, coupled with corrosion and sediment accumulation over the years, has affected the flow rate and quality of water in some Atlanta communities.

Since the program began in 2003, pipe replacement and rehabilitation has been completed in the Garden Hills community in Buckhead, Capitol View community in southwest Atlanta, on Spring Street in Georgia Tech's Technology Square district, in the Bankhead area and on Peachtree and W. Peachtree streets in Midtown. Replacement work is currently in progress in the Virginia-Highland community. Water main replacement work is also included in the sewer separation projects that are in progress in the Greensferry, McDaniel and Stockade sewer basins. The Water Main Replacement Program is a part of the Clean Water Atlanta infrastructure program to provide clean, safe water to residents and downstream neighbors.

Replacing water mains is necessary business. Chances are we will come to your community. Review the maps for more information about the Water Main Replacement Program.

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