Sewer System Evaluation Survey

The City of Atlanta's Department of Watershed Management is currently conducting a comprehensive and thorough evaluation of the sanitary sewer system. This evaluation is part of the Clean Water Atlanta Program, a multi-billion dollar water quality improvement initiative, and is the critical first step in the City's massive sewer system rehabilitation, repair and enhancement program. The Sewer System Evaluation Survey (SSES) involves the inspection and repair of 2,200 miles of sanitary sewers throughout the city.

The SSES program uses various equipment and techniques to detect sewer pipe defects, blockages and capacity problems. These techniques include smoke tests , dye tests, closed circuit TV (CCTV) , flow monitoring, rain monitoring, building service connection location/inspection, and flow isolation. As problems are identified, city engineers will determine if the sewer lines or manholes should be repaired or replaced immediately, or scheduled for improvements in the future.

How Is The Evaluation Schedule Determined?

Sewers are grouped into drainage basins and sub-divided into sewersheds. A sewershed is defined by the flow characteristics of the drainage area for each localized sewer system. Atlanta's sewers have been further categorized into 6 "sewer groups" based on historical information and maintenance records. Sewer Group 1 (SG-1) includes those sewers that are believed to have the most critical repair needs, and Sewer Group 6 includes those sewers that are believed to be the least critical or that are scheduled for repair in conjunction with other major projects. Contractors perform sewer evaluations according to a schedule that starts with sewers that have the most critical repair needs and progresses to the least problematic.

What Is The Project Status?

Work on Sewer Groups 1 through 4 has been completed, and crews inspected a total of 1,425 miles. SSES evaluations are currently underway in Sewer Groups 5 & 6. If you live in the affected area, you can expect to see field crews inspecting manholes and sewer lines that run under city streets and roads and on private property, within the City's easement. You can also expect door hangers and automated phone messages alerting you when smoke tests and other types of evaluations are conducted on your street. Partial street closures may be necessary from time to time.

Every effort will be made to reduce the impacts of this program on residents and business owners. Thank you for your patience as we work to improve the sewer system in your neighborhood.

What If I Have Questions or Concerns?

For more information, please contact the Project Hotline at 404.546.3200.

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