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Care & Conserve Program

The City of Atlanta Bureau of Water recognizes that there are times when families and individuals face financial hardships and need help paying for essential services like water. The City offers assistance to those in need through an innovative program called Care & Conserve. The Care and Conserve Fund was established to offer one-time financial assistance to ratepayers who are having difficulty paying a water and sewer bill.

Care & Conserve takes the further step of helping these ratepayers prevent future high bills by providing assistance with plumbing problems and with the installation of water efficiency devices. The Care and Conserve Fund benefits all customers of the Atlanta Bureau of Water by helping to reduce the burden of outstanding debt on the system and by promoting the most efficient use of our water resources.

Why "Conserve"?

There are many good reasons —both economic and environmental— for conserving natural resources. First of all, water is a very finite resource, and there is not enough to waste. There are costs involved in withdrawing water from the Chattahoochee River —our main water source —then treating it to meet drinking water standards, pumping treated water through the system, reading meters, billing, collections, maintaining miles of water mains and pipes, etc. Reducing your consumption of water directly reduces your water and sewer bill. Cutting back on the amount of water we use also reduces the demand for more capacity in our wastewater treatment facilities.

Why are plumbing repairs included in the program?

Our plumbing system and fixtures must be properly maintained in order to function properly. When something goes wrong, a great deal of water can be lost. This can be very costly as well as wasteful. Many tenants, because of absentee landlords, are responsible for paying high water bills because repairs are not made in a timely manner. Care & Conserve can help by making the necessary plumbing repairs and installing low water use fixtures, at no cost to the tenant.

Where do the funds for Care & Conserve come from?

Care & Conserve is funded through voluntary customer contributions, corporate donations and grant monies. The Fund is administered for the City by Southeast Energy Assistance, a non-profit corporation.

I want to help, What should I do?

Care & Conserve Contact Number
Customers seeking assistance with water and sewer bills or plumbing repairs should call our Care & Conserve number at 404 855 1889.

Thanks for helping us help others with this most critical need.

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