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Notice to Proceed
April 2003
Mobilization and site preparation:
July 2003
(includes site-specific work such as:  
  • Moving in and setting up staff ande crew facilities (trailers)
  • Moving in heavy equipment (front end loaders, backhoes, etc.)
  • Erecting silt fences, other erosion and sediment control measures
  • Clearing and grubbing)
  • Pre-blast survey and monitoring
    Easements and land acquisitions as required (design of alignment confines easements and acquisitions to commercial or vacant properties where possible)
    Shaft Construction - (8-10 months)
    May 2004
  • Truck traffic as rock and soil are removed and hauled away
  • Very little noticeable construction activity on the site
    (most work is underground)
  • Occasional blasting
  • Shafts are the main point for material entry and exit
    Install Tunnel Boring Machine and begin boring (18-20 months)
    January 2005
    Milestone Completion Date for West Tunnel
    October 2007
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