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Through its ATL READ Automated Meter Reading (AMR) project, the Department of Watershed Management will install a radio-based AMR system that will allow Atlanta’s water meters to be read electronically. AMR system technology permits the electronic collection and transmission of customer water usage data from water meters to the billing office through the use of both fixed radio and mobile radio methods. The project will include the repair/replacement of Atlanta’s existing residential and commercial meters and the installation of the AMR system. This project will allow the Department to:

(1) Increase revenue by replacing aged, under-registering meters,

(2) Reduce meter reading, billing and customer service operating expenses,

(3) Prevent water loss by easily identifying leaks and other distribution system problems,

(4) Detect meter malfunction, vandalism and tampering (theft of water from disconnected accounts), and

(5) Ensure the accuracy of customer usage readings and billing, thereby enhancing customer service and restoring customer faith in the billing process.

The ATL READ Automated Meter Reading Project will be conducted system-wide on a meter route/billing cycle basis. Work will begin in December 2006 and last for approximately three years. The project is a part of the City’s $3.9 billion Clean Water Atlanta infrastructure improvement program to overhaul the City’s water and wastewater systems and create an efficient and cost-effective utility.

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